Goal of Irrigation Protocol


The Irrigation Protocol aims to inspire Defi users to utilize their recently acquired liquidity to enhance their future profitability.

The long-term goal of Irrigation Protocol is to provide privacy, mobility, and compliance to all Defi users with the help of our AI/ML trading database.

Irrigation Flywheel

There must be consistent demand to maintain a certain level of price stability, regardless of other factors. Irrigation Protocol intends to kickstart this demand through the Irrigation Flywheelโ€”a virtuous flywheel of reward and reinvestment. The Irrigation Flywheel gives participants immediate utility for their idle assets.

Here's how it works:

  1. Swap assets in the Sprinkler

  2. Receive Water

  3. Store Water in the Water Tower

  4. Receive ETH through the value created by the Irrigation Tools

  5. Irrigate assets with ETH

  6. Repeat

When Farmers deploy their assets into Irrigation Protocol, they increase their ETH and Water holdings, create gentle buy pressure, and potentiate profitability on other assets, all without creating systemic risk.

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