How Irrigation Protocol Works

Irrigation Protocol is an optimization protocol that offers Farmers additional MOBILITY and REWARDS.

How will it create MOBILITY?

Irrigation Protocol will create mobility by mathematically calculating Fair Market Value on a variety of debt and bond instruments allowing them to be swapped with each other.

How will it create REWARDS?

Irrigation Protocol will create rewards for Farmers through a set of decentralized instruments called Irrigation Tools. These tools will help unlock the value of assets and further the progression of Defi holders without putting sell pressure on other protocol tokens.

Mobility - The Water Token

Water is the versatile ERC-20/ERC-1155 rewards token of Irrigation Protocol. Water has unique properties. By swapping assets for Water, Farmers can:

  1. Benefit from rewards produced by the Irrigation Tools.

  2. Withdraw or compound (Irrigate) those rewards on a monthly basis.

  3. Gain access to Irrigation's state of the art AI/ML protocol benefits and tranching mechanisms

Irrigation Tools

The Irrigation Tools are a suite of DeFi optimization tools that unlock the full potential of idle assets. Farmers can swap their Defi assets back and forth, put their assets to work earning rewards both inside and outside the ecosystem, and safely exit their positions for a fair price.

The Sprinkler issues Water. Swap from whitelisted assets to obtain Water.

User can store Water in the Water Tower to earn monthly rewards.

3. The Leaky Faucet

The Leaky Faucet distributes Water as a reward to Farmers holding whitelisted assets.

4. Farmer's Market

The Farmer’s Market is a collection of peer-to-peer liquidity solutions.

Auction Market

Irrigation offers a private peer-to-peer Marketplace with zero slippage.

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