Good Farmer Manual

It ain’t much, but it’s honest work

What is a Good Farmer?

A Good Farmer is an enlightened Irrigation participant who realizes that farming reaches its highest potential when independent investors take a positive-sum coordination approach. Good Farmers make choices that create value across the expanding Defi ecosystem.

The Good Farmer Manual

A Good Farmer will use every Irrigation Tool at their disposal to maximize value for themselves and their fellow participants.

Good Farmers will not simply let their derivative assets sit idle—they will convert them into Water and put them to work.

Water in the Water Tower represents assets that are being put to work. Good Famers do not extract value from the Farm by withdrawing their monthly Water Tower rewards in ETH. Good Farmers choose to Irrigate their rewards inside the Water Tower, increasing their proportional share of the next month’s rewards and allowing Irrigation Protocol to deploy those rewards back into the ecosystem for the benefit of all.

Good Farmers keep a sharp eye on the faucet. They are eager to collect as much Water as possible when the Faucet is leaking and to put that Water to work in the Water Tower. They are also eager to tell others when the Faucet is leaking so that all Farmers may benefit from the Irrigation Flywheel.

When Farmers need to buy and sell their goods, they visit the Auction Market to save money and find discounts.

Good Farmers know how to plant seeds in many fields. By tranching their assets through the Farmer's Market, Good Farmers have the opportunity to use their assets and reap harvests across all DeFi.

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