Auction Market

Person to Person Market

Irrigation Auction Market will host a unique transaction encryption technology in partnership with Critical parts of each transaction will be provided with privacy, speed, compliance and power of our custom built AI/ML trading and data engine.

  • Privacy: Liquidity tools and market products are sealed in a zk rollup to omit transaction data across wallets

  • Maximal Extractable Value (MEV) Protection: Our privacy tools prevent MEV bots from identifying and exploiting price discrepancies between exchanges

  • Compliance: Selective disclosures allows for compliance with law enforcement when legally compelled to at the protocol level

  • Mobility: Simple modular integration allows for privacy with any ERC-20 ecosystem

What is the Irrigation Auction Market?

The Auction Market enables seamless transactions between numerous buyers and sellers with zero slippage. There are three options available:

  1. Timed Auction: In this option, buyers can bid on a price within a specified range during a set time period. Multiple buyers can place bids, and at the end of the auction, the highest bidder or bidders will win.

  2. Fixed Price: This option offers a predetermined fixed price set by the seller. Buyers who choose this option can purchase the item immediately at the specified price without participating in bidding wars. It provides a quick and convenient way to secure the asset without waiting for the auction to conclude.

  3. Both (Timed Auction and Fixed Price): This option combines elements of the timed auction and fixed price options. The seller sets a fixed price for their asset, but also establishes a specified range in which a buyer can bid on that asset during the auction window. This option offers buyers the opportunity to secure the asset immediately or try their luck with the auction, depending on their preference.

These three options provide a range of choices for buyers, allowing them to decide between competitive bidding, instant purchase at a fixed price, or a combination of both. At the same time, sellers benefit from increased flexibility in selling their items and potentially maximizing their returns


Chad is paid in Bean for the month. He must sell some to pay rent but does not want to decrease the Bean price.

He creates a Fixed Price listing.

Rex is in the market for Bean.

He has options on where to buy his Bean but decides to check the Auctions in hopes of finding a good deal.

Rex finds Chad's listing and decides to buy a portion.

*Chad now has USDT without hurting Bean price and Rex bought Bean at a discount.

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