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What is Bean?

Bean is Beanstalk's ERC-20 fiat stablecoin. It is categorized as an Algorithmic Stablecoin which oscillates around 1 USD.

As part of Beanstalk's peg maintenance, when the price of Bean is above 1 USD Beanstalk will mint Bean and distribute Beans evenly between Beanstalk Silo Depositors, the Pod Line, and Active Fertilizer.

urBEAN and urBEAN:3CRV

What is urBEAN and urBEAN:3CRV?

Upon Replant of Beanstalk, users who held Bean in the block prior to the exploit received 1 urBEAN for every pre-exploit Bean and 1 urBEAN LP for each whitelisted LP token.

urBEAN and urBEAN:3CRV are currently locked in a vesting period. The complete value is dependent on the recapitalization of Bean through sale of Fertilizer. Before 1 urBEAN can be ripened into 1 Bean, all Fertilizer must be sold and all Fertilizer debt must be repaid.


What is Fertilizer?

Fertilizer is a semi-fungible token that was issued by Beanstalk to recapitalize $77M in stolen liquidity.

Prior to the Replant of Beanstalk, Fertilizer was issued with a 500% ROI. After Replant the ROI dropped to 250% and then decreased by an additional 0.5% each season (every hour) until it reached its current 20% baseline. Fertilizer holders receive 1/3 of newly minted Beans within Beanstalk.


What are Pods?

Pods are the debt asset of Beanstalk and can currently be purchased for Bean or ETH on the Pod Market. If Soil is available, Beans can be sown in exchange for Pods at the current Temperature (percentage ROI). The Pod Line receives 1/3 of newly minted Beans within Beanstalk on a FIFO (first in first out) basis.

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