Why Sell on the Auction Market?

Selling on the Auction Market can have several advantages:

  1. Efficient price discovery: Allows sellers to discover the true market value of their assets by creating a competitive bidding process among potential buyers. This can help sellers to maximize the price they receive for their assets.

  2. Reduced counterparty risk: Irrigation provides a secure and transparent platform for buyers and sellers to transact.

  3. Fast and efficient sales: Auctions can generate interest and competition among buyers in a short period of time. This can be especially important in a rapidly changing market, where prices can fluctuate quickly.

  4. Greater control over the sales process: Sellers can have greater control over the sales process, as they can set a reserve price and choose the terms and conditions of the sale(Bid or Buy Now price).

Water Token Lock

If a user has received a discounted fee by storing Water in the Water Tower, the minimum membership tier associated with that discount is locked for the duration of the auction listing. Once the listing expires or settles, it can then be removed.

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