The Water Tower

A place to store your Water

Users can fill the Water Tower with Water to become eligible to receive monthly rewards.

ETH Rewards

Water in the Water Tower entitles users to a proportionate share of monthly ETH rewards generated by the Irrigation Tools.

Initially, Irrigation Tools will generate and return value to users through:

  1. Fees from Farmer's Market

Ultimately Irrigation Protocol will generate value both inside and outside the ecosystem through multiple reward streams: rapidly maturing assets, usage fees, and complementary DeFi primitives.

Claiming Rewards

Users who store Water in the Water Tower become eligible to claim monthly rewards.

At the end of each month, a Snapshot will be taken to determine the percentage of pro rata rewards each user will receive. Rewards will be distributed at the beginning of the month and will be held until one of two options is executed:

Irrigate Rewards

*Irrigated rewards will receive a 5% bonus

Irrigating rewards allows the user to increase their water holdings and helps to support whitelisted assets by allowing Irrigation Protocol to deploy value back into the broader ecosystem through the Irrigation Flywheel.

Every month, the protocol designates a default asset, which will be purchased whenever a user decides to irrigate their rewards. In essence, when users opt to irrigate their rewards, their rewards are utilized to buy the default asset, aiming to potentially boost its price. In return, Irrigation gives them Water equal to that value, plus 5%.

Hypothetically, if Bean is the current default:

  1. User reward ETH is swapped for Bean

  2. Irrigating users receive a 5% Water bonus on the total amount that was irrigated

  3. The Water is automatically stored in the Water Tower

Withdraw Rewards

Users who wish to claim their rewards from Irrigation Protocol may do so at any time. All rewards are distributed in ETH to prevent any native token sell pressure.

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