The Leaky Faucet (Coming Soon)

The Water must flow

Irrigation Protocol will periodically distribute free Water via the Leaky Faucet to reward anyone holding Ohm, Spot, Beanstalk Pods or Fertilizer in their wallet.

How It Works

Traditional crypto faucets distribute small amounts of tokens to reward users for completing tasks. The Leaky Faucet is different. When the Leaky Faucet is leaking, a non-trivial amount of Water can be freely claimed on a first come, first served basis to holders of Ohm, Spot, Root, Beanstalk Pods or Fertilizer.

Why It Works

The Leaky Faucet allows Water to continuously enter the ecosystem—flooding the fields with liquidity and rewarding those who support Irrigation preferred assets.

By periodically distributing Water for free, the Leaky Faucet gives every Farmer the opportunity to prosper from the Irrigation Tools. It will incentivize inactive Farmers to become active participants of the Irrigation Flywheel.

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